July 21, 2005

Dept. of Misdirected Anger


Christine M. Tolson, an advisory neighborhood commissioner in single member district 7D-05, is the latest District elected official to face a recall challenge. The filing popped up on the Board of Election and Ethics' Web site Wednesday, just as the failed recall of Council Member Sharon Ambrose came to its conclusion.

Tolson's challenger, Rick Tingling-Clemmons, has until 5 p.m. Sept. 9 to collect the signatures of 10 percent of the registered voters in the single member district, or 144 names. The single member district is in far Northeast, near Deanwood.

In his filing, Tingling-Clemmons claims Tolson "systematically failed to inform or engage her constituents of proposed changes or incursions into our neighborhood as she committed to do," while taking positions opposite those of the community.

Recalling an ANC is like trying to get a McDonald's cashier fired for giving you incorrect change: cruel and pointless.

Posted by rj3 at July 21, 2005 4:26 PM

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