September 30, 2004

Talkin' baseball

There's been a lot of chatter between supporters of bringing the Expos to D.C., mostly (in these circles) against ponying up for a stadium and in favor of one or another hilarious team names. That being said, there are plenty of arguments from all sides both in favor of and opposed to the team and the stadium. For those of you not fortunate enough to have anyone to argue with, we present a list of every point of disagreement and its rebuttal.

ARGUMENT: The stadium will displace residents from surrounding neighborhoods.
REBUTTAL: Perhaps then we'll have people desperate enough to live in the Ellington, provided they drop the rents.

ARGUMENT: Nobody will go to Baltimore for sporting events anymore.
REBUTTAL: What, professional lacrosse doesn't count?

ARGUMENT: Parking will be a nighmare.
REBUTTAL: The Kiddie Car Thieves won't prey on your block anymore, as 20,000 SUVs with Virginia tags await by the waterfront.

ARGUMENT: The stadium will require the demolition of Nation.
REBUTTAL: The goths deserve a reason to be so damn miserable. It's only fair.

ARGUMENT: The stadium will require the demolition of two popular gay nighclubs.
REBUTTAL: It looks like the House and Senate are looking more and more like alternatives.

ARGUMENT: RFK is a functioning existing stadium that we've already paid for.
REBUTTAL: But we can't name it after Ronald Reagan, and if you can't do that, why build it?

ARGUMENT: The city's calculations on how revenues will pay off the bonds don't add up.
REBUTTAL: They don't add up on any calculations the city does. Umm, shut up!

ARGUMENT: There are too many people who are loyal to their hometown teams.
REBUTTAL: If the NeoSenators are anything like the Expos, people should want to see future stars of their hometown teams before they're traded off to find fame and fortune elsewhere.

ARGUMENT: Tickets and concessions will be too expensive for the average person to take their family.
REBUTTAL: Ditto for the Redskins, Wizards, Caps and Lauriol Plaza.

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September 29, 2004

Music note unrelated to anything else

How much longer must I wait before The Futureheads play DC?

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Virginia's bribe

I didn't know about this, and I'm amazed:

Gov. Mark R. Warner had joined key lawmakers in balking at Virginia's plans for financing a new 42,500-seat stadium. But baseball negotiators, hungry for political certainty, had presented a radical idea: Could Virginia officials simply agree to give the hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue expected from the ballpark to baseball or team owners, who would then finance the ballpark themselves?

Members of the Virginia Baseball Stadium Authority rushed to secure assurances from Attorney General Jerry W. Kilgore that such handouts -- totaling about $1 billion over 30 years in one scenario -- were legal. Projections showed that once construction costs were covered, hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue could be left over for baseball or team owners to pocket, authority Chairman Keith Frederick said.

That's worse than a tax incentive to move a business -- it's handing over a tax power to a private entity. Besides, wasn't that money supposed to go to making the improvements necissary to get everyone to and from the stadium?

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And now, Your Washington ___________s

It seems that WTOP is doing what DCSOB already done did, but with public participation.

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September 28, 2004

Bigger is better

I've made the changes to the new header graphic as suggested by the readers. An improvement?

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All about the Ulysses

How come each time they change the money, it looks more like something I could trade in for $10 off an oil change?*

* This statement does not count for $10 bills, since you actually can trade them in for $10 off an oil change.

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Ana Marie Cox - Sprawlbabe

DCist should know better:

During DCist’s server maintenance, we weren't able to post anything about the talk of the blogosphere: Sunday’s New York Times Magazine cover story with Washington’s very own Ana Marie Cox of Wonkette. (For the record, Cox is "bi-metro," splitting her time between D.C. and New York.)

Ms. Cox does not live in D.C. She lives in Virginia. Repeat. She is not a resident of the District of Columbia. She lives in the Commonwealth of Virginia, a different political entity. Call it the D.C. metro area, the D.C. metroplex, the D.C. orbit, but don't call it D.C. -- because it's not. How can you tell? Because when Mrs. Cox votes, she gets to choose voting members of Congress (not to say that I'm sure she's registered).

Of course, it doesn't help that she can't tell her ass from her noggin on any political issue not involving, well, asses or head.

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New header graphic

Yes? No? Maybe? Suggestions?

update: a possible alternative.

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September 27, 2004

Cease and DCist? Not quite

I got an email from DCist's Mike Grass this morning telling me that the site will be down for a few hours as the Gothamist mothership updates its servers. Only now it occurs to me that the email was meant for me to pass on to you.

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Death of a Nation?

The proposed D.C. baseball stadium will take up space partially currently occupied by Nation and two gay nightclubs, the Washington Blade reports.

Perhaps knocking out gay nightclubs may have been the only way the DC government could convince Congress not to meddle.

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No, Vincent Gallo wasn't there to gloat over what he had destroyed

I went to closing night at Visions last night, out of boredom and curiosity more than actual regret. As a documentary lover who lives within easy walking distance, I should have been their ideal regular customer, but I hadn't been there more than 10 times before the closing. A lack of promotion, a location that doesn't get much pedestrian traffic and the tendency to keep some films running for months and months while running others for only a few days made me a sporadic customer at best.

That being said, I did get to see some movies there that I wouldn't have otherwise seen, notably Power Trip, about utility deregulation in the former Soviet republic of Georgia, and Showgirls, about, umm, showgirls.

In any case, the closing party was sort of ... well, lame. The bar was somewhat sparse before the DJ started, and the auction was small and expensive. Since they weren't selling any restaurant or theater-related stuff (projectors, sink, etc...), there is a chance that the location could come back as something similar in its next life.

But although the drinks flowed and the people eventually poured in to buy extra posters for Outfoxed, Visions died like it lived: Modestly and below its capacity.

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September 24, 2004

Mixed nuts

Yes, there is someone crazier than Jimmy Swaggart on television.

Do you think this woman is the nut the drives that big antiabortionmobile around the hill?

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He's got a pepper bar (probably)

Joel Veitch, the animator who brought us the Quizno's ads, now has a blog. A discussion of TV show ideas:

History of Soup

A massive, high-production-value, exhaustive examination of the History of Soup. With breathtaking 3d computer-generated prehistoric soups, fronted by David Attenborough, or possibly that beardy professor bloke. Maybe "Walking with Soup" would be a better title actually.

We love the soooooup...

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September 23, 2004

Hate to say I indirectly told you so

I know that I'm a little late with the whole Southeast stadium plan, but I don't have much to add other than the usual: I don't want to have to pay for it, but it's better than plopping it out in Sprawlville, VA. However, you should keep in mind that it that DCSOB predicted in January that the Green Line would be the new Red Line. With the growth of the 9th and U area and this new stadium, it looks like that has come to pass.

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September 22, 2004

Buffalo 666

First, he shuts down a neighborhood indy movie theater by sheer force of will (and the help of Chloe Sevigny's sheer force of something else).

Now, he wants your old audio equipment. He also wants your photo, if you're a hot chick, that is.

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September 21, 2004

A cult following

I try to avoid the Moonie Times, but just like the Jews for Jesus, the're in my face around my Metro station. You have to wonder what they were thinking last night when determining what to put on today's front page above the fold. Iraq going to sh*t? Nope. Kerry making a speech on said subject? Nope. Rev. Moon appointing himself King of the Universe? Maybe tomorrow. Instead, we have the governor of Maryland counting his chickens well before they hatch by picking his replacement even before his own highly speculative reelection.

Has the blue state turned red without anyone but a few Korean cultists noticing? Has Ehrlich's plan to turn the state into Atlantic City writ large in order to balance the budget through slots revenue and sales taxes on pawn shops become a beacon of hope to Free Staters? Has using state funds to plaster his smug, preppy face on television screens really worked to such an extent that he can appoint the 2010 nominee in 2004? I'm amazed.

But then again, they say Rev. Moon works miracles.

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September 20, 2004

A parade of woes

Max Sawicky, on what's wrong with D.C.:

"The trains don't run on time. My subway line has been screwed for two weeks now. This morning my commute took twice as long as it should have -- an hour. The public schools stink. The public charter schools stink too. The water has had doo-doo and lead in it. An arsonist has been running around setting fires -- it seems like two years now. The Green Party's candidate for mayor appears in public on stilts and got less than 200 votes. Andrew Sullivan is permitted to reside here.

I'd accept the mayoralty if they waived the residency requirement."

Let's not forget the Kiddie Car Thieves and Au Bon Pain Cellphone Lady,

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DC Baseball: Because your taxes aren't high enough

Speculation on where the Expos will set up shop next year are at a fever pitch, with D.C. emerging as the likely favorite. Wherever they go, they most likely won't be called the Expos, and some have suggested the D.C. team shouldn't be called the Senators since it would be the only team with a hometown that doesn't have any. I'd like to be of some help by proposing alternatives.

The Washington Councilmen: Same idea as the Senators, but more locally politically correct. Given recent developments, it could bring to mind those great sensations associated with baseball: the smoke from hot dogs on the grill and the crack of the bat.

The Washington Generals: They're gonna suck, so why not take the name from a team designed to lose?

The Washington Lobbyists: A possibility severely restricted by uniform considerations - your average pinstripe suit provides a range of motion insufficient for modern sport.

The Washington Snakeheads: They scare the hell out of us more than two inches of snow during the morning commute. Might this intimidate other teams?

The Baltimore-Washington Orangebirds: Suck it, Angelos.

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Useless Retrospective Weekend Guide -- Indulgent edition

Friday: When the weather sucks, it's got to be Brickskeller. There's nothing like drinking obscure beer in what amounts to a warm cave to help you forget all the nastiness outside. I tried the Froach Heather Ale, a Scottish brew made with heather, and a Ruddles County Cream Ale, which I like for the taste almost as much as I like the fact that it comes in what looks like a Snapple bottle.

An exchange from that evening worth mentioning:

Waitress: "Here's your Pinkus pilsner. It's a really good beer, but I'm afraid to reccomend it because it's so expensive."

Will, who hadn't looked it up in the menu: "Whaaaa?"

Ok, it doesn't look that funny in print, but the lesson still stands: before you order, make sure you're not buying a $10 beer unless you really want to, because once the cap is off the bottle, you can't return it.

Saturday: Spend the afternoon walking around Dupont/Adams Morgan/U Street/Meridian Hill with a digital camera, getting blogging inspiration for the rest of the week. Enjoy the beautiful weather.

Take an early dinner at Thai Regent. Lament the lack of a date to take next time.

Rush home to change from nice restaurant clothes to sneakers and a hoodie and run across town to catch the Methadones and the Dents at DC9. Pound can after can of Schlitz waiting for the bands to go on. An hour and a half later, watch the Methadones play their sorta-boring brand of poppy punk. Think to yourself that you liked it better the first time around when it was called Green Day. Wait for the second act. Finally leave, noting the sign put up on the front door while you were there advising that the Dents would not be playing.

Arrive at Velvet Lounge, since the Schlitz costs 75 cents less than at DC9. It's all-Ramones night on the stereo. Sweeet.

lox.jpg Sunday: Yeah baby, every Sunday morning (read: 12:30 p.m.) should be about the LOX. Capers, red onions and bagels, too. Swagger down to the Java House on 17th and Q for a nice relaxing brunch with the neighbors, some of whom drank more than you. It's a good feeling, not being the worst alkie in the room, isn't it?

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September 19, 2004

20 Second Restaurant Review: Thai Regent

1910 18th St. NW

The first thought that popped into my head walking into this place was "Get a goddamn date, you loser!" This is a good instinct, since it's one of the best places to bring a date in the Dupont/Adams Morgan area (no, Tom Tom is not acceptable). The decor is cool and modern, but is interspersed with enough vaguely Thai wood carvings to soften the edges. It's somewhat dark, but not cave-like.

The food: It's generally like the Thai you'll find nearby at places like Thai Tanic, Thaiphoon and Thai Chef, but presented more artfully and with sharper, more defined taste -- no grease here. Try the Panang chicken or the green curry.

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September 17, 2004

"B*tch set me up" with a new light rail!

WMATA has decided it will go ahead with a demonstration light rail line in Anacostia. Does this mean that Marion Barry won't have to drive his car to Buzzard's Point to get his kicks?

You know, even if you smoke, you don't have to make smog.

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SWM, 23, seeks water, dark place

I think I violated nearly every rule of heavy drinking at the DCist happy hour last night. What the hell did I go to college for? As a public service, here's a refresher in advance of the weekend.

Don't do what I did:

  • Pace yo'self, dammit. What's the rush?
  • You really should eat before downing several pints of Hofsbrau. It's one thing if the hosts tell you there will be food at the event, but do not rely on specifically debunked rumors of free empanadas to provide something for all that booze to land on.
  • Don't try to fix your mistake retroactively by scarfing down a jumbo slice. You'll only feel queasy.
  • No matter what Michael says, another round at the Common Share is not a good idea.
  • If you have too much to drink on a Thursday, think of an excuse in advance to call in sick to work. If you can't call in sick, don't drink too much on a Thursday.

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  • September 16, 2004

    Reef Madness

    See you at the DCist party at Reef tonight!

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    September 15, 2004

    Councilman Barry: The World Chortles

    Here's a sample of bloggers' reactions to yesterday's election:

    John J. Miller on the National Review's Corner:

    "In a supreme metaphysical sense, the return of Marion Barry is an unwelcome development. I wish he had lost yesterday. But it's also slightly helpful to Republicans, who can now refer to the "Party of John Kerry and Marion Barry" and not seem outlandishly retro."


    "And it is certain that the former mayor, who celebrated his win at his headquarters near Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcom X avenues, is going to be the wildcard in council politics. Nobody on the council wanted him back in the first place. "


    "If, as Karl Marx memorably put it, history repeats itself, the first time as tragedy and the second time as farce, what are we to make of Marion Barry's second "return" to DC politics?"

    The DCeiver:

    "But, as much as we giddily grope ourselves at the thought of new blood replacing old dust on the Council, the news that has us most crazy with ecstatic delight is that over in Ward 8, the Man appears to have Come Around! Yes, we are talking about the ultimate in old-school, the man who put the kick back in kickback, set up by bitches but never brought down, the living political reincarnation of Rick James, the Mayor for Life, His Honor Marion Barry is baaaaaack! And back big time!"

    Some dude named Mark:

    "And people can't understand President Putin's moves to limit democracy in Russia."

    Of course Wonkette, who doesn't even live here hasn't touched the story as of this hour.

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    I'm not the Marion kind

    I have just one thing to say in regards to Ward 8's new councilman:

    Washington, D.C., will not get representation in Congress unless and until the rest of the country will be sure that they won't turn on C-SPAN and see the man smoking crack with the prostitute in the picture above making a speech.

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    September 14, 2004

    Other people's corrections

    In a Sept. 13 post DCeiver said the Cheesecake factory in Clarendon is "like Lauriol Plaza for losers."

    The real Lauriol Plaza for losers is Lauriol Plaza. We regret the error.

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    Don't forget to vote today!

    Especially if you live in Ward 8...

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    September 13, 2004

    135 187s so far this year

    Yep, murder is down by 23.7 percent compared to last year, according to MPD. The number everyone watches stands at 135, down from 177 last year. Is Channel 5 reporting about this? No -- not while there are "kiddie car thieves" to report on.

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    The return of the Useless Retrospective Weekend Guide

    Friday: Take it easy. Saunter on down to the Black Cat, where you can find an unexpectedly very drunk pair of bloggers. N.M. and M.G. are usually responsible drinkers, but a chance encounter with a large party of free-spending people downtown left them with some extra cash, which meant by 10 p.m., they were good and 'faced.

    Saturday: Every now and then, you need to pretend like you're a stylish, important person. For those times, I suggest sipping blue drinks under a clear(ish) sky at the Hotel Helix (1430 Rhode Island, NW). From 5-9 p.m. on Saturdays, you can drink Electric Lemonades (lemonade, Ciroc, Blue Curacao) for $5 a pop. Our merry little group downed 21 of them.

    Then head over to Skewers on P St. for kebabs. Watch the sadistic DJ turn the music off abruptly right as the belly dancer gets going.

    Follow by relieving a few house parties of their beer supply, and you have quite a birthday party. Thanks guys!

    Sunday: Five electric lemonades, three beers, a glass of wine, a gin and tonic and a shot of vodka should be enough to give just about anyone a hangover to remember. Luckilly, it's Adams Morgan Day, and you can get large quantities of Carribean food to sop up all the toxins in your system, or at least slather them with grease. I wish I knew about curried goat, dirty rice and fried plantains in college.

    Relax all afternoon, pretend to do some work and otherwise veg out until 9 p.m., when you can be glad you're no longer feeling sick, because the season finale of Six Feet Under will bring you close to the point of nausea.

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    September 10, 2004

    SOB of the week

    Casa Peña on 17th Street betwen R and Corcoran. I bestow this weekly dishonor on Casa Peña with a heavy heart, since I once enjoyed the place. What's better for rescuing a convenience store from dreary, flourescent sameness than blasting catchy latin music at full volume? I rarely walk out of the place so much as I do a little white-boy salsa shimmy.

    But yesterday, I got burned. Instead of braving the line at the nearby Soviet Safeway, I ducked into the Casa for milk. Not content to stick with the healthy stuff, I checked out the massive beer selection and ended up shimmying out with the milk and a pint bottle of Taj Mahal Lager ("brewed for connoisseurs").

    Snacking at home 20 minutes later, I poured myself a tall glass of milk, only to find that it had turned. Lovely. $2 down the drain, literally.

    Several hours later, I opened the beer, only to find that it too was horribly skunked.

    What the bloody hell? Do they have anything that hasn't gone bad?

    So until they get their act together, I'm sticking with stores that play Muzak and have relatively fresh products.

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    Metro opens doors, but there's no room to get on

    WMATA says 652,578 riders took Metrorail and 502,971 hopped the bus on an average weekday, an increase of about 3 percent for the trains. Weekend and late-night ridership increased even more.

    So why are we paying more for the same service? Because WMATA can't get a dedicated funding source to pay for public transportation.

    I have an idea to rectify this: at 10 percent, the D.C. sales tax is already too high, so increasing it would probably not be the best idea. Toll booths on local roads would snarl traffic as tourists and anti-EZPass commuters alike search for change as cars line up behind them. Meanwhile, thousands of cars are stopped at security checkpoints every day. Why not make those Capitol Cops useful and have them charge everyone who enters the protected zone around the Hill $1 for the privilege?

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    September 9, 2004

    Speaking of better bloggers than I

    Yes, the Von Bondies have a LiveJournal, and it's better than this MT site. Who knew Detroit garage rockers were so witty?

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    The weatherman express

    Did anyone else notice that on the ~7:20 weather report on Fox 5 (WTTG), meterologist Tom Seter gave a "shout-out" to Montgomery County Police for "keeping us safe and enforcing the speed limit"?

    I think we know the backstory here. And no, now that the sniper is in jail, they don't have anything better to do.

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    Now we praise more talented and dedicated bloggers

    Diamond Geezer turned two years old yesterday. Check it out -- he does localblogging right.

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    September 8, 2004

    Another happy Metrorail rider

    Sure, I was delayed about five minutes yesterday as a result of NewYoFla construction, but at least I didn't have to drive from the suburbs, because I would have been stuck in a traffic clusterf*ck of biblical proportions. I heard it was bad, but the sheer extent of it is a little alarming.

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    Bork bork bork!

    I predict that this will be the best irony-filled MP3 blog on the web. After all, it's from "#1 pop-country Sweden."

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    September 7, 2004


    As noted by DCist, Life in the District has updated, and now includes a guide to Mexican restaurants featuring every mid-priced gringo-oriented joint in the area.

    Here's a DCSOB suggestion: If you're looking for a Mexican restaurant in DC and your main goal is eating Mexican food and not trying to hook up with a young staffer who has just spent a half of a billable hour of daddy's money on margaritas, I suggest you try Mixtec on 18th and Columbia in Adams Morgan. It's low on sluts, but high on flavor and as cheap as a Wal-Mart t-shirt made possible by NAFTA. And you can get a seat without waiting forever.

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    September 6, 2004

    As you might have guessed, I'm a sucker for one-liners

    From Roger Ailes (not that one) on Hurricane coverage:

    Memo to CNN:

    If I wanted to watch stupid white men being blown, I would have watched the Republican Convention on FOX.

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    September 3, 2004

    This is getting old

    By now, you should know that Wonkette isn't that much of a wonk. Frankly, if a bum isn't involved, it's beyond her area of expertise. To wit:

    "We're still trying to figure out how the Republicans managed to make New York -- normally a city a that vibrates with energy -- into a soul-sucking void. (If we could harness that power, we wouldn't need to drill in ANWAR.)"

    Ugh. I assume she's speaking of the Arctic National Wildilfe Refuge, or ANWR (pronounced "anwar" but never spelled that way). She may change it later, and I'd have made a screen capture were I at home (I'm not), so you just have to take my word on it.

    And yes, yes, she was drunk. She must really drink a lot. There was another, but I wasn't able to catch it fast enough for a screen cap -- she called N.J. Gov. Jim McGreevey (D) a Republican just as his little scandal was breaking, then changed it without noting that a correction had been made. Real classy.

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    GOP Convention in one sentence, Day 4

    New: If you see something or someone you don't like, just chant "U-S-A, U-S-A" until they're dragged out of view.

    Three options:

  • Vote for me or the country gets it, umm, again.

  • Don't worry, El Salvador will save us!

  • Ownership society, bitch!

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  • September 2, 2004

    Fashion Emergency

    M.G. is spot-on pointing readers to the downtown H&M this week -- there's a huge sale with lots of good stuff even cheaper than normal. I've completely revamped my wardrobe for fall for the princely sum of $35.

    But will the clothes make it to next fall? Probably not. I like to think of buying a shirt at H&M like leasing a car: You may not be able to run it into the ground over the next decade, but it'll be gone by the time you're bored with it.

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    GOP Convention in one sentence, Day 3

    There are hordes of evil people in this big, bad, scary world who are out to destroy America and everything you hold dear -- we call them Democrats.

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    September 1, 2004

    Pepper spray punks

    Now everybody in D.C. has to call back home to say they're fine and weren't sickened by the "chemical attack" to hit 19th and I this afternoon.

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    GOP Convention in one sentence, Day 2

    If, like this man, you found Richard Nixon to be "a breath of fresh air," the guy they've got running for re-election now is a freakin' spearmint colonic.

    ALSO: The GOP: All head, no ale.

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