August 3, 2005

End of the line

For nearly two years, DCSOB has brought you snark, joy, anger,
bemusement and the occasional piece of new information not ripped off
from some other source on a more or less weekdaily basis. After nearly 800 posts, 1400 comments and over 130,000 page views, this site's run as Washington's most facetious web resource is over. As of today, I will no longer be updating this site, as I have left town to attend law school in Chicago. You can keep up with my writing at my new blog, Thrown for a Loop.

A little history: I took a job in 2003 as a journalist with a small trade publication. As a newly-minted college graduate unaware of the ways of the working world, it came to me as a great surprise that I had been Googled by most of the office within half an hour of my arrival. By the end of the week, my new boss had called me in to his office to ask me to shut down a blog I had been running as an extension of my column in the college newspaper, a lefty flamethrowing affair that was long on vitriol and short on anything that would make it the least bit different from dozens of other low-traffic amateurish attempts at punditry. I complied with the request, backing up the site for my own personal amusement but obliterating any trace of it on the web, save a few links here and there that have since dwindled.

Two weeks of all work and no blogging made me a dull boy. Anxious to write about something other than the wonky stuff from work, I asked my friend a.m.g. about starting a new group blog where I could do more focused blogging across several blogs. According to the original Smorgasblog concept, a few
friends would have their choice of a few topic-specific blogs on which to write, making each individual blog more reader-friendly while allowing writers to wander from topic. The first two blogs, DCSOB and Live from the Third Rail had three authors (myself, a.m.g. and c.s., who moved away). Blogs on music and food were to follow, with new contributors and better content.

Although there was no manifesto, the concept for DCSOB was something along the lines of "a cross between Gawker and Gothamist, but for D.C." Pre-Wonkette and DCist, it seemed like a good idea, but soon got subsumed by our interests and attitudes. Trips to Virginia to review automated
and calls to hill staffers on mid-day crises gave way to parody, hilarious social activities and lots of complaining.

As the months passed, by, a.m.g. and c.s became more interested in their own ventures, leaving the site to me, the improbably-pseudonymed Randolph Q. Jurisprudence III (named as such to prevent my co-workers from finding DCSOB).

The site hit its peak in April with the posting of Washington's
Most Loathsome
with the help of DCeiver. All the links from so many high traffic sites required the purchase of additional bandwith, a first in DCSOB history.

Now that this chapter of my blog-life has ended, I'd like to thank everyone who has read or linked to this site, attended a bluestate, left a comment or sent an email, positive or negative. The site archives will remain in their current location as long as Smorgasblog is still running, which it should for some time.

See you at the new blog!

UPDATE: The new blog didn't publish my first post for a few hours. Things seem to be working now.

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